Only 361 days until…

christmas, bah-humbug

Scotland’s big news story of 2014 was the Independence Referendum.  The campaign was highly engaging and (mostly) well-fought.  Although the result was a 45/55 split in favour of retaining the Union, Scotland’s political scene has been reinvigorated and the debate continues.  During this period I have questioned and reassessed my own political beliefs and, after much consideration, have come to the conclusion that the only workable political system is a benign dictatorship – with me in charge.  The Thrillers With Attitude Benign Dictatorship manifesto is making excellent progress, but, in keeping with the season, this post is talking Christmas.

I enjoy a bit of Christmas.  The mid-winter yuletide celebrations give us something to look forward to – twinkling lights to brighten the darkest days, a little festive cheer to lift the winter gloom.  What I don’t enjoy is the increasingly frenzied build-up to one day.  If we’re lucky, we’ve got an eight month respite until next year’s Christmas fare makes an appearance on the supermarket shelves.  Unless that is, they bring it forward just a little more and we can start stocking up for Christmas before Easter.

When Thrillers With Attitude rules the world, all things Yule will be restricted to the month of December.  In fact, for the sanity of shop workers everywhere,  the endless loop-playing of The Most Greatest Ever Christmas Songs In The World Ever* will be restricted to the week before December 25th.  And for the benefit of the greater good, the greed-fest that is Black Friday will henceforth cease to exist.

*Although Thrillers With Attitude Benign Dictatorship does not generally condone censorship, it is willing to make an exception for Mistletoe and Wine by Cliff Richard.

Thrillers With Attitude wishes you peace,  good health, and happiness for 2015.

LG Thomson is the author of Boyle’s Law, Each New Morn, and Erosion.


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