Talking about Boyle’s Law

thriller, noir, crime fiction

One of the enjoyable side effects of being a published author is the questions I am asked by readers. I love how people have engaged with the characters in my books and am sometimes taken by surprise by the different ways those characters are perceived.

In this post, I will attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Boyle’s Law.

Q:  Are any of the characters in Boyle’s Law based on real people?

A:  A few of the minor characters are named after old friends, but their fictional namesakes in no way resemble the real people. My husband has a walk-on part – our daughters recognised him straight away, which amused me greatly – but no, Boyle, Stella, Frank, and all the rest, do not exist in real life.  At least, I hope not.

Q:  I thought Stella was a real piece of work, but my husband had a different take on her – what do you think?

A:  I wrote Boyle’s Law in close third person so that the reader is really in on the action, getting the story from whichever character is in focus. But I didn’t write any scenes from Stella’s point-of-view – I didn’t want the reader to know any more about what’s going on inside her head than Boyle does. It’s never really clear whether she’s a victim or whether she’s the one pulling the strings. It’s up to each reader how they take her. I like the ambiguity of her character.

Q:  Who is your favourite character in Boyle’s Law?

A:  I enjoy them all as I’m writing them though Boyle sometimes drives me round the twist. He just keeps on making those bad decisions – one right after another. He is the author of his own downfall but I find it amusing how he manages to justify to himself the appalling things he does. Polo Morrison is a sweary beastie and was a lot of fun to write.

Q:  Is Boyle coming back?

A:  I originally planned Boyle’s Law as a stand-alone book. Even as I was writing it, I wasn’t sure who would be left standing by the end, but the characters have resonated so well with readers, and in fact with me as a writer, that I felt compelled to return to them. I don’t want to give anything away at the moment, suffice to say that Boyle will be back in Boiling Point.

LG Thomson is the author of Each New Morn, Erosion and Boyle’s Law.


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