Author Lorraine Thomson

Lorraine Thomson is a writer living in Ullapool on the North West coast of Scotland.  A keen coastal rower, she likes sharks but does not like custard, mayonnaise or Trident.

Described by Allan Guthrie as one of Scotland’s best new writers, Lorraine is the author of seven published novels, including The New Dark dystopian trilogy, published by Bastei Entertainment.

Writing as LG Thomson, she has published noir thriller, Boyle’s Law, and its sequel, Boiling Point. Rippling with dark humour, the Charlie Boyle books are page-turning reads, but with lust, murder, and a diamond heist in the picture, prepare yourself for a view of the Scottish Highlands you won’t see on any glossy calendar.

There’s more gallows humour and plenty of twists and turns in Erosion when ten people are stranded on a remote Scottish island. Tension soon escalates and it’s not long before ten become nine.

Each New Morn is a post-apocalyptic thrill-fest where violent mobs rule the streets, gangs of raiders swarm through the countryside, pests and parasites thrive and the worst winter in decades is about to descend. Described by one reader as “scaring her shitless”, Each New Morn is a book about tomorrow for the world we live in today.

Thrillers With Attitude

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